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For the first 2 or 3 lessons, until you become a bit familiar with flamenco, I suggest wearing plain shoes with 2-inch (5cm) heels, and a wide skirt...

But soon you will find you need some good formal flamenco shoes. A flamenco skirt is less important.

They have nails at the tip of the sole and on the heel that allow you to « tap » your feet on the floor to create the melody and compas of the dance.

They are ergonomically designed, and thus hold the foot well and are comfortable. This is due to several features: Non-slip soles, a double layer of inside padding, small « pillows » under the heel of the foot and around the toes to avoid injury or blistering of the heel and toes when brisk steps are performed, and a rubber band to hold in foot in place, preventing the shoe from slipping off.

Flamenco shoes are a good investment: if you care for them well, they can last for many years without needing to be replaced.

The store offers shoes model « Salon ». They are made in Spain by the firm Menkès, a leader in flamenco accessories.

Given their comfort and durability, they have a very good price/quality ratio and are a very good value.

They are made with high quality leather, hand cut and sewn, and lined inside. They have 2-inch (5cm) heels, with nails on the front of the sole and on the heels.

They come in full and half sizes. We are offering them at a lower price than you would pay for them in Spain.

Flamenco Skirts
The flamenco skirt contributes to the choreography and the beauty of the steps. Its cut, narrow at the waist then flowing on the sides, with several layers of ruffles, contributes to the « graphism » of the steps being performed.

The skirts can be ordered, and are custom-made to measure, following the Menkès "Academia" skirt design
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