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The music sheet section is particularly rich. It includes vintage music now hard to find on the international market, traditional as well as contemporary.
It offers:
hundreds of scores of flamenco music, written as music scores or as tablatures,
scores of old music transcribed entirely from vintage recordings (LPs and CDs)
anthologies of the most beautiful and best known falsetas in the flamenco repertoire (Sabicas, Ramon Montoya, Paco de Lucia, Tomatito, Vicente Amigo, Moraito etc. etc.)

The DVDs
The DVD section includes:
didactic DVDs (lessons in dance, guitar, castanet playing etc) for example the various courses in the series "Videos de la Luz", flamenco guitar by Oscar Herrero or Merengue de Cordoba... DVDs of flamenco performances - dance, guitar, recitals by Camaron de la Isla, Paco de Lucia...
documentary DVDs mostly produced by TVE (National Television of Spain), notably a series on Camaron de la Isla, as well as archival footage such as the famous "Duende y Misterio del Flamenco".

The CDs
The CD section offers a vast panorama of flamenco, ranging from archaic flamenco (various historic recordings currently unavailable), traditional flamenco (many high quality anthologies) and current flamenco.

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