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Our long term goal is to offer ongoing flamenco dance courses throughout the year. Unfortunately, this is not currently possible as esteemed flamenco dance instructors are living abroad to perfect their skill and live their art and passion in their everyday life. Given the current situation, who could blame them? So instead we are organising regular flamenco dance workshops taught by professors temporarily staying in Lebanon.

Our first flamenco teacher was YALDA YOUNES who lives and works in Paris to instruct classes.  She has dedicated herself to flamenco dance for more than fifteen years, has studied flamenco in Lebanon with  Maria Jesus de Melero as well as in Spain with the masters, including Israel Galvan who remains her favourite.     

JOSELE MIRANDA is a Spanish flamenco dancer and teacher, currently living between Spain and France, where he teaches in Marseille at the flamenco Peña "La Meson". I first met him in Damascus in a flamenco workshop, and I have been immediately seduced by his kindness, his patience, his professionalism and his passion when he dances. Josele began with Carmen Rubio, then with Patricio Martin of the "Marais" dance school in Paris, and finally with La Rubia, Isabel Gasquez in Marseille. He attended the classes of Melinda Sala, Juan Paredes, Maria Juncal... and Manuel Reyes at Amor de Dios, the most famous flamenco dance school in Madrid. Josele is one of my favourite dancers and I am always delighted to welcome him in Lebanon.


We have also had the pleasure of participating in LORIE LA ARMENIA's workshops, a very talented young bailaora, born in France of Lebanese parents of Armenian descent. Lorie has studied flamenco since the age of 15, and lives and works between Jerez de la Frontera and Seville in Spain and Paris in France. She is an awesome actress/comedian and a talented beautiful graceful choreographer and flamenco dancer, who studied and brought her art to perfection with the most reknown dancers in Spain like Juana Amaya, los Farrucos, el Torombo and many others.She is now touring with her company featuring her latest creations  "Noches Flamencas" and "Sangre del Alma".

One of our latest dance workshop was with the international flamenco star MELISA CALERO. Young bailaora from Seville, she won the 1st prize of the "Concurso de Marbella" in 2003 and the 1st prize of the "Concurso Nacional Villa de Mijas" in 2005.  she studied with renowned dancers: Javier Latorre, Rosario Toledo, Daniel Navarro, Belan Maya among many others. She has her own flamenco dance comany and her own show "Flamenco de calle" or "Street Flamenco".  

We have also welcomed CARLOS RODRIGUEZ.  Carlos is a star of the flamenco. He graduated in 2004 from the Royal Dance Conservatory in Madrid (Spain), he worked at the ANTONIO CANALES DANCE SCHOOL as a dance teacher, he worked and danced with the Aida Gomez Dance Company and other reknown companies. We also had the great opportunity to have KARLA GUZMAN as an instructor. After learning ballet, modern and classical Spanish, Karla dedicated herself to the flamenco. studied with dancers such as Mercedes and Karime Amaya as well as  the reknown teachers of the Centro de Arte flamenco Amor de Dios,  in Madrid. She also worked with Pastora and Israel Galván,  Isabel Bayón and El Junco in Seville and Manuel Liñán, José Maya, Andrés Peña and Farru in Paris. 

For the time being, we are lucky to learn and practice with Toni Bejani, aka TONI EL FENICIO.  "TONI" is a 36 years old talented bailaor, born in Lebanon and currently living in Seville (Spain). He started his career as a first class dancer with Caracalla,In 1998 he discovered the flamenco and it was love at the first sight! He went to Seville (Spain) where he began to learn Flamenco professionally and remained there until now. His professors and sometimes partners are among the most famous stars in Spain : Isabel Bayon, Juan de los Reyes, Torombo, José Galvan etc. Toni is now in charge with the regular flamenco dance classes at "Flamenco en Beirut".
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