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FLAMENCO CLASSES with YALDA YOUNES and AURELIA !! Tangos and Alegrias!!  
15 November 2018

                                  Yalda Younes
                                  photography courtesy of Johanne Issa

     Dear all,

I am happy to inform you that the works at Zico's studio are finally done and that we can begin our flamenco classes!! NO TIME TO WASTE!! :))

the dancing classes (groups by level):

2 levels as follows :

a) Level 1: Beginners and false beginners (Tangos) With Aurelia.

Thursday at 7.30 and Saturday at 11.30 am, beginning Thursday November 15th and ending Saturday December 15th (twice a week)

Duration of each session : 1.5 hours.

- the total nomber of hours will be 15 hours spread over 5 weeks.  

- the fees will be 200$ for the whole thing (25$ drop in)

b) Level 2: Intermediate (Technique and Alegrias) with Yalda Younes.

Tuesday at 7.30 pm, beginning Tuesday November 20th (ie once a week)

Duration of each session : 1.5 hours.

- the total nomber of hours will be 6 hours spread over 4 weeks. 

- the fees will be 150 $ for the whole thing. Starting 8 participants the fees will be 120$. For 10 participants 100$.

I am waiting to know how many people will participate in order to organize the groups!!

So please let me know if you are joining by dropping a mail to fadiaflamenco@gmail.com or calling me on 03 588766 or on our whatsapp group!

For those who don't know where is Zico House, here is a map :


Who is Aurelia aka Aurélie Sayegh? Some of you may remember her from having joined some of our classes. She distinguished herself by her extraordinary talent, her assiduous presence and engagement, and her methodical and meticulous approach to flamenco. She dazzled us by her gracefulness and motivation, and displayed discretion, motivation, and a wonderful personality. I am ecstatic that Aurélie will join us anew, this time as a dance Instructor.
Aurélie had for flamenco a "love at first sight" experience. This led her to pursue advanced training at the prestigious "Fundacion Cristina Heeren" since July 2017. She now has obtained her diploma in Flamenco, and comes back with an enormous amount of skills and materials that she is very excited to share with all of you.
Aurélie holds a BS in Hotel Management and a Degree in Marketing & Tourism from the IE School (Madrid), but her real passion is dancing.
From 2004 to 2012, she studied at the Caracalla Dance School learning Jazz, Hip Hop and Oriental Dance. From 2012 to 2014, she was a dance Instructor at the Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Zalka, progressing to become Dance Director then Choreographer at the College de la Sainte Famille in Fanar. At that time, she discovered flamenco and has since then focused on this art form with a passion.
Most recently, she has attended the Intensive Flamenco summer program at the Fundacion Cristina Heeren (Seviila), taken intensive Private lessons in Flamenco at Amor de Dios (Madrid), and attended numerous Flamenco Intermediate Workshops (tangos, bulerias, guajiras, and siguiriya) at Flamenco in Beirut.
Attesting to her skills and dedication, Aurélie has garnered coveted Awards from the Caracalla School and from the Arthur Murray Dance Studios, including: Most Dedicated Award in Caracalla Style (2008), Most Dedicated Award in Jazz (2009), and First Place in Smooth Dances and in Rhythm Dances at the Ciao Amore Professional Dance Competition in Rome (2015).
It is evident that Aurélie is a highly trained (and versatile) dancer and teacher. She has found in Flamenco her dominant passion. We are ecstatic and very lucky that she will join our ranks as an Instructor. I have no doubt she will be a superb addition and look forward to working with her!

Hope to see all of you!!


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