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2 WORKSHOPS with Josele Miranda October 2016  
22 October 2016

     After the summer interruption… BACK TO FLAMENCO !!

We will begin the academic year with 2 awesome workshops, with our favorite dancer Josele Miranda! One workshop for the intermediate level students and another for the false beginners (ie the beginners who took Toni’s regular classes and/or those who have some flamenco skills).

These 2 workshops are not suitable for absolute beginners.
But no worries, Toni "el Fenicio" will be back very soon and a new class will be opened for new comers.


This workshop is not intended to teach you steps and choreography. You already know lots of steps, going from salida, to enganche, to marcajes, to llamada, remate etc.

The aim of this workshop is to teach you how to understand the cante, where to put your steps, what to do at certain moments of the singing. And at the end be able to IMPROVISE the sequences of your baile. The first class will “refresh” what you already know, remembering the steps and previous choreographies, and the following ones will be focused on the dialogue between you, the cante (singing) and the toque (guitar playing). If you wish, the last 2 classes will be dedicated to a new palo of your choice: siguiriya, tiento, alegria…
We will have live guitar and live singing!!

-When? Saturday Oct 22, Tuesday Oct 25, Thursday Oct 27, Saturday Oct 29, Tuesday Nov 1 and Wednesday Nov 2 = Total of 6 days, each day 2 hours class = Total of 12 hours.
-Time : From 7pm to 9pm (to be amended if necessary) except Saturday Oct 22 from 5pm to 7pm and Saturday October 29 from 11 pm to 1 pm
-Where: Zico House rooftop.
-Fees: 150$

NB: Saturday’s class (on Oct 29) will be a “rehearsal” for the Fiesta that will take place the same day at Zico House “Beito” Café, at 8pm. WHY? Because the show will feature Josele of course, but also ALL OF THE STUDENTS! It will be a real “fiesta por buleria” where you will have to perform your own “pata’” with your own style!


You will refresh the steps your learned with Toni, will strengthen your technique, and will learn a full choreography with live cante (by Josele!) and live guitar.

When? Monday Oct 24, Wednesday Oct 26, Friday Oct 28, Monday Oct 31 = Total of 4 days, each day 2 jours = Total of 8 hours.
Time: From 7 to 9 pm (or ealier if you prefer)
Where: Zico House rooftop.
Fees: 100$


- OUR FIESTA !!! SAVE THE DATE!! SUNDAY oct 30 at 8pm.

Can't wait to see you :)))

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