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FLAMENCO FIESTA with Josele & Toni @ Zico House  
20 February 2016

Saturday February 20th we are having our "fin de curso" fiesta... Of course, it will be a "FIESTA POR BULERIA" with a awesome artists that you already know or will discover:

First, our 2 teachers Toni Torres "el Fenicio" and Josele Miranda, who gave us 2 amazing workshops!!

Then my friend Tarek Ghriri, awesome flamenco guitar player who will preform some of his own compositions...

And cherry on the cake, Luciano Ghosn, our favorite flamenco guitar player, will be with us coming straight from Italy for the fiesta... He will accompany the baile :)

The students will join the show ... performing, for the fun, the steps we learned... Tangos, Sevillanas, Buleria :)

All of you are welcome!!
Flamenco students, flamenco lovers, friends, outsiders...
Bring your friends and family... The more we are, the more fun!

* Day: Saturday February 20, 2016
* Time : 8.00 pm
* Place: The awesome newly renovated bar at ZICO HOUSE, ground floor.
* Fees: 20.000 LL regular drink (soft - beer - glass of wine) and snacks. No extra charge for the artists !!


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