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FLAMENCO WORKSHOPS - January & February 2016  
6 January 2016

      After a long absence, I am finally glad to be back in Beirut!
In the USA, I interacted with an extraordinarily active and creative flamenco community. This has given me renewed energy, and a relentless desire to embark on new projects and organize new classes.


For those who don't know Zico House, I am posting a map...
Zico House is on Spears Str. where it is impossible to park. But on Kantari Street, 2 mns walking to Zico House, you can park along the street or in the parking. You will just have to cross the street in front of the parking and go right to Zico's. The studio is on the roof top. you will have to climb 4 floors... which is an excellent warming up before the class...

Toni Torres “El Fenicio” will be among us. Toni is a highly talented Lebano-Spanish dancer, and will be coming from Seville in Spain especially for us. Most of you already know him: He is the one who handled the first flamenco classes and teached us technique, with his infinite patience!

His classes will include:
. Sevillanas: a popular traditional Andalusian dance, festive and cheerful. It is a “must see” whenever you are in Spain, and every flamenco lover should know how to perform it.
. Technique flamenca: we must all admit that a good technique is indispensible to dance flamenco, and a modicum of exercises is necessary to that aim.
But do not worry: the classes will take place on a festive palo, with easy choreography elements for the beginners, and more elaborate ones for the more advanced students.

You will have a choice program. I will be inviting the international dancer Josele Miranda, who will offer 2 workshops:
- One at the level of beginners/false beginners
- One at the level of intermediate/advanced
I am thinking for now to learn a "Fiesta por Buleria" and would welcome other ideas. Josele is an accomplished singer, dancer, choreographer and a fabulous teacher. You will absolutely love working with him!
To know more about Josele Miranda, check this beautiful photo album, photographies by Juan Conca :


January : 6 - 7 - 12 - 14 - 19 - 21 - 26 - 28 AND
February 2 - 4 - 23 - 25 total of 18 hours
From 6.30 pm to 8 pm : Beginners
From 8pm to 9.30 pm : Intermediate, palo of your choice.
Total of 18 hours
Fees : 200 US$ (special price of US$ 300 for 2 workshops, the 3rd workshop for free).

BULERIA DE JEREZ (inter) with Josele :
Total of 12 hours : 200 US$ (special price of US$ 300 for 2 workshops, the 3rd workshop for free).

Full details will follow.

Toni and Josele are available for private classes, including special classes for professionals.

Icing on the cake: we will have LIVE accompaniment of flamenco guitar with all the workshops…

For additional info : 03 588 766 or drop a mail to : fadiaflamenco@gmail.com

Be ready for 2 months of great art.
I can't wait for January to be here
And until then will share my boundless excitement with all of you!


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