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"LA CHIMI" and Ilham al Madfai @ Casino du Liban  
30 November 2014

The Spanish Embassy in Lebanon is offering an interesting show, called “Arab Andalus” featuring Iraqi star singer Ilham el Madfai and flamenco dancer “La Chimi”.
I encourage you to watch this show, not for Ilham el Madfai who often performs in Beirut in various places and night-clubs, but for the very interesting personality of the flamenco dancer “La Chimi”.

Lakshmi Basile “La Chimi” is American, from California, with an amazing diversity of ethnic and cultural roots that give her this very “gipsy” look

Her mother is from Argentina and her father from California, with Irish, Dutch and German roots. Her mother is half indigenous half Spanish. Her grandfather is half Egyptian half Sicilian, with also something of Sephardic Jew.
Both of her parents are musicians, she learned and toured with them, until she discovered her passion for Flamenco that she started learning, till she decided –at her 20 years old- to move to Seville, Spain, where she currently lives, visiting the States once a year for a one month vacations.
“La Chimi” learned and worked with numerous flamenco stars: La Tona, the Amaya family, Joselito Mendez, Antonio Moya, La Tana, Carmen Ledesma, Antonio Rey, Manuel Molina and many other.

"La Chimi” is considered as a “traditional” flamenco dancer… therefore, it might be interesting to discover what can be her vision –and choreography- of flamenco Arabic fusion.

When? November 30th, 2014
Time? 9 pm
Where? Casino du Liban - Maameltein
Tickets? Virgin Megastore 01 999666

Hope to see you there.

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