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TANGOS & SEVILLANAS with "Lori la Armenia"  
25 March 2014

"Lori la Armenia" is back to Lebanon, in a joint-venture project with the Spanish Embassy in Lebanon, Jamhour's Cultural Center and our NGO "Flamenco en Beirut".

Lori, for those who still don't know her, is from Armenian Lebanese descent, born in France.
At 15 she discovers the flamenco, it is a love at the first sight... she decides to settle in Seville (Spain) and learn the flamenco dancing, her new but everlasting passion.

Since then, she moves between Seville and Paris, acting (she is also a fabulous comedian) dancing and teaching flamenco with her favorite musicians and singers.

To know more about Lori, visit her website :  www.loriflam.com

*** Lori will be giving 2 workshops :


A 10 hours workshop dedicated to "TANGOS" with a definite project : a full choreography of "A la hora de la muerte" a beautiful slow tangos by Enrique Morente :


The sessions will be spread on 5 days, 2 hours per day, from 7.30 to 9.30 pm
We will begin on Tuesday March 25th.
I kindly ask those who are interested to come early so we can decide together the schedule for the remaining 4 days. Normally, it should be Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Tuesday of the following week. But it can be amended upon the request of the majority.

Place : Fadia's Studio (hosted by La Nova), Ain Mraisseh - Centre Machkhas (level minus 2)
Fees : 100 $
Level : Intermediate (Josele's group is most welcomed!!)

In case you are interested, please drop a confirmation mail to fadiaflamenco@gmail.com



A 7 hours and a half workshop dedicated to "SEVILLANAS", in order to learn at least the 1st Sevillana.

The sessions are held at "Club Culturel et Sportif" of N.D. de Jamhour College,
from Monday March 24th, till Friday March 28th, everyday from 9 to 10.30 AM !! (morning)

For more info, please contact miss Randa Sadaka 05.924152.

Hope to see you !! :)
Fadia (03 588 766)

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