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27 February 2012

      Josele Miranda will be again with us, from Monday February 27th till Friday March 9th, 2012, for a new Flamenco Workshop. For most of you, no need to introduce Josele… and for the others, here is a short biography: Josele is a Spanish flamenco dancer and teacher, currently living between Spain and France, where he teaches in Marseille at the flamenco Peña "La Meson".
He began with Carmen Rubio, then with Patricio Martin of the "Marais" dance school in Paris, and finally with La Rubia, Isabel Gasquez in Marseille. He attended the classes of Melinda Sala, Juan Paredes, Maria Juncal and Manuel Reyes at Amor de Dios, the most famous flamenco dance school in Madrid.

His strength and presence, and his profound communication with the public make him an extraordinary dancer. But there is also to mention that he is an extraordinary TEACHER who knows how to let you learn with patience and method.

Josele’s classes mix seriousness and fun! He masters the art of teaching sharp technique and choreography in a spirit of joy and fun and pleasure… he dances, sings and play Cajon and his classes are always very lively. You will love learning with him!

Here are the full details :

“Fadia’s Studio” – Hosted by LEBANON DANCE ACADEMY – Private Club, Dekouaneh/Sin el Fil (the new comers will get a map).

Duration: It will begin on Monday February 27th and will end on Friday March 9th, 2012.


1/ Absolute beginners:
An introductory class to flamenco with some notions about the history of flamenco, the different styles, the technique, with the learning of easy steps on “Tangos” palo (flamenco style) which is NOT to be confounded with the Argentinean tango!
Duration: 6 days, 1H each session (ie total of 6 hours) –
Final schedule : Tuesday Feb 28, Thursday March 1, Friday March 2, Tuesday March 6, Thursday March 8, Friday March 9
From 7.30pm to 8.30 pm
Fees : US$ 100,-

2/ Beginners:
A class made for the so-called beginners, who however have some flamenco skills or followed workshops or beginners regular classes. The workshop will be focused on technique and the learning of a light choreography on “Tangos” palo.
Duration: 4 days, 1.5H each session (ie total of 6 hours)
Monday Feb 2, Wednesday Feb 29, Monday March 5, Wedneday March 7
Final schedule: From 7.30pm to 9pm
Fees : US$ 120.-

3/ Intermediate:
A class dedicated to those who already have a good level of knowledge and technique, and want to discover a new palo. This time it will be “siguiriya” or “martinete” one of the most beautiful genre in the flamenco “jondo”.
Duration: 6 days, 1.5H each session (ie total of 9 hours)
Tuesday Feb 28, Thursday March 1, Friday March 2, Tuesday March 6, Thursday March 8, Friday March 9.
Final schedule : From 8.30pm to 10pm.
Fees : US$ 150,-

Josele is available for private or semi private classes (2 to 4 persons max).


Kindly confirm your registration as soon as possible by mail to : fadiaflamenco@gmail.com.

Hope to see you.

Fadia Yared (03588766)

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