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30 January 2012

Isabelle Gazquez is a good friend and colleague of our beloved Josele Miranda. It is thanks to Josele that I met Isabelle and had the great pleasure to see her dance in "Zorro", the show choreographed by Rafael Amargo, which was presented last summer as part of the Beit Eddine Festival. I later met her in Beirut during a private function; during our conversation we laid the stepping stones for the workshop that Isabelle will be offering us.

Isabelle Gasquez is an accomplished artist: bailaora, but also choreographer, percussionist and professor... This is not due to chance, for she was born in Marseille, in 1969, to Audalusian parents originally from Almeria, who were in France as political refugees.

Her training? Manolo Marin, El Torombo, Juana Amaya, master classes with prominent maestros, but also the stage, numerous festivals throughout France (including in Mont-de-Marsan, Avignon, Pau, Marseille) as well as theater venues in France, elsewhere in Europe, and North Africa.

It was her schooling by her life experiences, her Andalusian roots, and various great maestros that gave Isabelle Gazquez subtle nuances that make flamenco seem so easy and so accessible when we watch her dancing. Isabelle has a strong, classy and totally genuine personality!


Level 0 “Absolute Beginners”

It is a one-session of 3 hours, a short class called “Introduction to Flamenco”, that will give you an idea about what is the flamenco, how to approach it, how to understand it and how to dance it. You will listen to musics and watch Isabelle performing a few steps. If you are “seduced”, you will have the opportunity to follow regular classes after the workshop.
Date and time : Saturday February 4th, from 10.30am to 1.30pm.
Fees: 50.000 LL

Level 1 “Beginners”

These sessions are dedicated to those who have some flamenco skills, followed Karla’s workshop or are attending Raya’s classes.
The total duration is 6 hours (3 x 2 hours).
The palo will be : Tangos. You will listen to tangos, understand the compas, learn a few new steps and try to place a light soft choreography.

Date and time : Monday 30/1 + Wednesday 01/02 + Monday 06/02, all days from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.
Fees : US$ 80 the whole workshop.

Cherry on the cake: those who will attend the Level 1 class have the opportunity to attend the Level 0 workshop FOR FREE.

Level 2 “Intermediate”.

It will be a “Fiesta por Buleria” workshop.The purpose of this workshop is not to learn steps or a specific choreography. Its purpose is to "put into practice" what we already know to be able to IMPROVISE!
We will learn to thoroughly understand the structure of a buleria, how to listen to the chant and compas, when and how to "salir" (enter the dance), to "marcar" (keep time in the chant), to "llamar" (call/climax) and at last exit the dance circle.
Once we master these various notions, we will break the circle and dare an improvisation.
Date and time: Tuesday 31/1 + Thursday 02/02 + Friday 03/02 +Tuesday 07/02, all days from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.
Fees: 120$ the whole workshop.

Level 3 “Advanced” :

Palo and schedule following your request.

Don’t miss the FIESTA that will be held on Sunday February 5th at Electro Mecanique Chill – Mar Mkhayel.

Hope to see all of you :) in case of need, send a mail to fadiaflamenco@gmail.com or call me 03 588 766.

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