Flamenco En Beirut
5 February 2010

On the occasion of the presidency of Spain to the European Union, His Excellency Mr Juan Carlos Gafo Acevedo, Embassador of Spain in Beirut and the Embassy of Spain are presenting:

TIEMPO MUERTO - Rafael Amargo Dance Company
Unesco Palace  -  Beirut
Friday February 5, at 7.00 PM
Free entrance.

Rafael Amargo is one the main Spanish artists. He has worked as a dancer and as a choreographer. He inherited the purest flamenco style from his legendary maestros but has imaginatively incorporated other types of dance into his reportoire throughout the years, including the
lessons he learned while attending the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in New York in 1996.

Amargo´s choreography overflows with both traditional and modern concepts perfectly matched. The routines are often closer to contemporary dance, but they never stray far from the Flamenco origins he loves.

Tiempo Muerto is Rafael Amargo’s sixth show. Since he created his own company in 1997 his career has evolved from the purest forms of flamenco up to multidisciplinary shows such Poeta en Nueva York, Enramblao or DQ…Pasajero en Tránsito.

Tiempo Muerto is a new stage in his constant evolution. It means the return to the roots, to the essence of flamenco, something we can easily identify in his first shows: La Garra y El Ángel and Amargo.

For this new production he has entrusted one of the biggest names of flamenco music to compose the music scores, Juan Parrilla, a celebrated musician and flamenco composer whom has previously worked along with the senior league of flamenco such Antonio Canales or Joaquin Cortés among others. Juan Parrlla’s creating concept is certainly adjacent to Rafael’s concept – both have conceived modern variations of the earliest forms of flamenco.

The current musical group of the Compañía Rafael Amargo has been enlarged with a wind section, stringed instruments, woodwinds, bass, synthesizers and piano as to cover the musical needs of
the score composed by Parrilla. El Cante (Flamenco singing) have been commited to the notable voices of Maite Maya, Carmina Cortés and Pedro Obregón. All the lyrics of the show have been written by Rafael Amargo.

As for the Art direction Rafael Amargo has always provided his shows with avant-garde designs for settings and costumes. Top fashion designer, Amaya Arzuaga, has been chosen to create and tailor Tiempo Muerto costumes. Settings are accomplished with exquisite taste of lighting designer, Nicholas Fischtel, responsible for POETA EN NUEVA YORK lights designing as well.

Program of the Show:

I- Tiempo Muerto
II- Martinete
III- Soleá
IV- Abandolao (Fandango from Granada)
V- Señora (Madam)
VI- Carta de amor de un viejo (Love Letter from an Old
VII- Matanzas (The Slaughters)
VIII- Zambra – A tribute to Lola Flores
IX- Alegrías
X- Tangos

Don't miss!!!
Come a little earlier, let's say 6.30 pm to be seated in the first rows.

Hope to see you there.
Fadia (03 588 766)

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