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11 May 2011

  Finally, we get our workshop with


It is a short workshop, but as always with Yalda, very useful: you will enjoy dancing with a female instructor, will acquire grace and style, and will learn a new palo in a joyful enthusiastic atmosphere.

...This workshop will be short (8 hours) and is mainly addressed to intermediate level students and is not suitable at all for complete beginners. But it will be somehow “light” or “soft” so those of the previous beginners’ classes can easily join as they have now a good technical basis and know how to “think” a baile.

Many of you wanted “Siguiriya”… I was reluctant… it is a very difficult palo that needs more than 8 hours even for a simple “introduction to…”. I discussed about this with Yalda, she definitely shares my opinion, and we decided to dedicate this workshop to ALEGRIAS which is the ideal palo to understand the 12 counts compas (Yalda promised that the next workshop will be on “martinete” palo, very close to siguiriya but easier to learn).

So, the workshop will be the following:
SCHEDULE: Wednesday May 11, Thursday May 12, Monday May 16 and Tuesday May 17 (i.e. 4 days)
Time: From 7pm to 9pm (i.e. 2H)
Yalda will explain the 12 count compas, will teach palmas on “alegrias” compas, will refresh the technique, and will teach some marcajes, llamadas and easy steps.
FEES: 100.000 LL

If you are interested (and it IS a commitment) please send a confirmation mail or call me 03 588 766.

I am counting on your commitment because there will be only one group and I will have to know how many people EXACTLY are coming in order to handle the workshop.

Hope to see you!

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