Flamenco En Beirut
25 April 2011

          I am welcoming with pleasure and impatience the flamenco dancer


who is not at his first experience in Beirut :)

We will work on "tangos" palo, but this time with a different "concept": we will not focus on technique and choreography but on the understanding of the music and a better and deeper knowledge of the flamenco dance "por tangos".

This workshop is not suitable for complete beginners. You must have some knowledge of flamenco basic technique and some steps.

There will be 2 groups : beginners with some good knowledge, and intermediates.

Group 1 :
From Monday April 25 to Friday April 29, everyday from 7pm to 8.30pm AND Saturday April 30 from 11am to 12.30am.
(ie 6 days x 1.5h = 9H)
Fees : 90$

Group 2 :
From Monday April 25 to Friday April 29, everyday from 8.30pm to 10pm AND Saturday April 30 from 12.30 pm to 2pm
(ie 6 days x 1.5h = 9H)
Fees : 90$

Program :

Group 1 : TANGOS baile (dance).
A quick explanation on flamenco most known "palos" (styles)
The "tangos" palo : different styles of tangos, how to count the "compas" (rythmic sequence) of a tangos, how a tangos "baile" (dance) is structured, how to recognize a tangos and how to "build" a dance (salida, llamada, remate, letra, falseta etc.)
Learning of a few easy and nice tangos steps, and light choreography.

Group 2 : TANGOS improvisation
We will "refresh" our knowledge of tangos palo : structure of a dance, compas, etc.
We will "refresh" some steps we already know : marcajes, llamadas, remates etc.
We will listen to different cantes "por tangos" and understand their differences.
And finally we will learn how to IMPROVISE on tangos music.

The two levels are USEFUL and very IMPORTANT.
Keep in mind that this workshop is not for technique and learning steps, so if you feel that your knowledge is not enough and want to join Group 1, it is not at all a loss of time. You will learn a lot!!

Those who want to join the 2 groups will have a discount : 150$ for both instead of 180$

In case you are interested, please send a mail to : fadiaflamenco@gmail.com
or call me : 03 588 766

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